Fun & Easy Easter Egg Crafts

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Decorating Eggs

There are an endless number of Easter craft ideas when it comes to decorating eggs. Here you’ll find eggcellent ideas for Easter egg craft ideas, including tips for fun, unique Easter egg designs!

But before you begin decorating your eggs, make sure to check out our foolproof method for perfectly hard-boiled eggs and read up on important egg safety information.

Happy decorating with our Easter egg crafts tips and tricks!

Watch how to make the perfect, easy-peel hard-boiled egg.

Rainbow Nest Eggs


Dyeing to be creative? Rainbow Nest Eggs are a fun way to celebrate the symbols of Spring and they make a colorfully attractive centerpiece!
What You Need


  1. CUT cheesecloth into 6-inch squares—one for each egg to be colored.
  2. DAMPEN cheesecloth. WRAP around an egg, either twisting loosely and fastening it at both ends with twist ties OR bundling the edges together and fastening them at the top. Each method produces a different result.
  3. PLACE drops of different colors on cheesecloth in desired patterns. Then, TWIST the dye-spotted cloth more tightly around the egg so the colors run together to produce a rainbow’s swirl of color.
  4. UNWRAP the egg and let it dry in the egg carton.


  • For best results, use each square of cheesecloth only once.
  • Make an attractive display by placing these eggs in fresh greenery on a platter.

Tie Dyed Easter Eggs


This Easter, say goodbye to messy cups of coloring and say hello to patterned silk ties! The results of this fun Easter craft are so amazing, everyone will wonder how on earth you did it!

  • Silk ties, cut into 4 x 6-inch pieces
  • Whole eggs, uncooked
  • Thread
  • Scissors


  1. PLACE the front of the strips of the tie next to the eggshell and wrap around the egg.
  2. BIND thread tightly around the center of the egg to secure the fabric. FOLD and bunch the fabric at the top and bottom of the egg, enclosing the entire egg in fabric.
  3. WIND thread lengthwise and crosswise around the egg to hold the fabric in place. Continue until the egg is almost completely covered with thread.
  4. PLACE covered eggs in a pan with water covering eggs by at least 1-inch.
  5. BRING to a boil on medium heat. SIMMER, uncovered, 20 minutes.
  6. Carefully REMOVE eggs using a slotted spoon. Let eggs cool completely with fabric on.
  7. UNWRAP eggs and remove fabric. The eggs will have beautiful colors and designs on the shell.


  • Ties that are 100% silk provide the best color. Polyester ties do not provide colors as vivid as those made with silk.
  • THESE EGGS ARE NOT EDIBLE. Fabric dye is not made to be used as food coloring.
  • Display several eggs on a crystal platter as a center piece for your Easter table.

Eggshell Planters


Biodegradable eggshell planters are a fun way to make seed starters. Once the plants begin to outgrow their shells, transplant them to soil—shell and all!

  • Empty eggshells
  • Bleach water
  • Egg dye or acrylic craft paint
  • Cotton balls
  • Planting soil
  • Herb seeds
  • Empty egg carton


  1. RINSE the inside of the eggshell with bleach water to make sure it is clean. Turn upside down to drain. Let dry.
  2. DYE or decorate eggshells as desired. Let dry.
  3. PLACE cotton ball in the bottom of the eggshell. TOP with planting soil.
  4. SPRINKLE seeds over soil.
  5. PLACE filled eggshell in egg carton. WATER seeds and place near sunlight as recommended on seed package.


  • To make bleach water combine 1 quart of water with 1 teaspoon bleach.
  • Make faces on the eggshells so that when the herbs start to grow it’ll look like hair!