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Egg Production: Laying

Egg Laying: Hens are fed a healthful diet of specially mixed grain and lay eggs in a controlled environment designed for their health.

Research is done continually on feed to be sure hens get the right balance of nutrients. Today’s hen eats a better diet than many people do. Feeding is computer-controlled to distribute fresh feed equally among the flock. All the birds have unrestricted access to fresh water.

In modern henhouses, computers maintain comfortable temperature and humidity levels and control ventilation fans to provide fresh air. Computers also control the lighting, which triggers egg laying. Most eggs are laid between 7 and 11 a.m.

With cages raised off the floor, waste falls clear of both the hens and the eggs. In addition to providing good airflow, this eliminates the threat of waste- or soil-borne contamination and disease. Further ensuring health, when hens are caged, it’s easier to inspect them every day and to weigh them each week. Bio-security practices also help prevent poultry diseases.

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