Restaurant Spotlight: M. Henry

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Brunch is more than a meal. These days, it’s an event, and what’s being served is more than a sunny-side up egg with sausage and even more than French Toast. So, when we go out to brunch, we like to indulge and that happens at M. Henry in Chicago because it’s more than just a brunch spot.

In 2003, Michael Moorman gave the neighborhood what it needed: A great spot for breakfast and lunch.  Twelve years later, M. Henry has doubled in size and become one of the best brunch spots in Chicago. On the weekend, they serve more than 600 people and go through 50 dozen eggs a week.

People flock to the breakfast spot for dishes like blackberry bliss pancakes, dandelion omelets and an incredible fried egg sandwich. We know it’s incredible because we tried it! His menu offers something for everyone – rich and light, vegetarian options and for the meat lovers, lots of bacon. While his food is nothing short of delicious, Moorman advocates for smart cooking. There’s –  no fryer in the kitchen, and  an emphasis on fresh fruits and veggies. He also makes all of his pastries in-house and offers the convenience of a grab-and-go bakery section filled with quiches, breads and other sweets.

Do you have a favorite neighborhood breakfast spot? What makes it special? Comment below!