The golden brown sugar-spiced banana layer waits beneath the light, slightly sweet, yet creamy chia pudding. Imagine when you substitute other seasonal fruits, such as mangos, berries or even a fall mixture of roasted pumpkin pieces, dried fruit and nuts.

Yield: 10 portions

Chia Coconut Pudding Cups with Banana & Sesame

Chia Coconut Pudding Cups with Banana & Sesame

The golden brown sugar-spiced banana layer waits beneath the light, slightly sweet, yet creamy chia pudding. Imagine when you substitute other seasonal fruits, such as mangos, berries or even a fall mixture of roasted pumpkin pieces, dried fruit and nuts.

Yield: 10 portions



Campus Eggscapades

Laying Foundation for Global Dining Experiences


At Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, students weren’t the only ones getting an education recently. The Yale Hospitality team, which nourishes thousands of students, faculty and staff each day in 14 different dining halls, put aside a few days to immerse themselves in global cuisines. Yale Hospitality takes a holistic approach in leading the food and culture conversation on campus, intertwining the two whenever possible. Exploring international flavors, the American Egg Board (AEB) worked with Hospitality’s culinary team to prepare a wide range of global-inspired egg recipes.

This was combined with interactive ‘train the trainer’ sessions conducted in five different dining halls. Over three days, Yale Hospitality chefs were coached on the implementation and service of new recipes during meal service in five pop-ups, while students got to take a global culinary adventure through Mexico, Malaysia, India, Turkey, Thailand and Greece. All-in-all, nearly one thousand eggcentric meals were served.



Here’s a peek at that menu of global recipes trialed on the Yale campus.

Mexican Street Corn & Egg Bake

Charred corn, jicama, roasted green chilies, Cotija cheese and lime are married with the richness of baked eggs.

Vietnamese Egg Curry

A ginger-scented, coconut curry, centered upon a hard-boiled egg, red onion, eggplant, tomatoes and crispy shallots.

Malaysian Walking Omelet aka Roti John

An Asian-style hoagie, this sandwich starts with an egg encrusted bun and is stuffed with roasted root veggies, raw beet-orange relish and toasted sesames.

Egg Wrapped Pad Thai

In this version of the rice noodle dish, a thin omelet wraps the noodles, tamarind-chili sauce, bean sprouts, garlic chives and peanuts.

Egg, Tomato & Basil Naan

The addictive Indian flatbread – naan – is the base for this pizza-inspired dish topped with a sunny-side egg, sun-roasted tomatoes, caramelized shallots and fresh arugula.

Turkish-Style Poached Eggs

Poached eggs paired with rich, creamy yogurt and a peppery, brown butter sauce, served with grilled flatbread.

Greek Avgolemono Soup

This egg-enriched soup has been Greek tradition for centuries. In this hearty version, the lemony soup is fortified with roasted squash, kale and brown rice.

Rolling into National Egg Month


The University of Southern California got a head start celebrating National Egg month, which is May, with a self-declared, ‘Egg Week’ in April. Festivities included a farmer’s market (serving EggPops), a midnight breakfast, egg-a-ways and more. These special events during Egg Week were supported by AEB’s Eggin’UOn! program.

Rolled & Ready


This story begins with a chance meeting between Corporate Executive Chef Kurt Kwiatkowski, Michigan State University and Chef Robert Danhi, the American Egg Board, at NACUFS National in 2018. The two got talking about the pain points involved with staffing and running an omelet station during service. Eventually their conversation evolved into a brainstorming session about how to increase speed of service and improve operational efficiency when offering omelets on campus, while at the same time, engaging students with craveable, delicious meals.

After NACUFS, the two continued talking over the summer, ideating, planning and researching a method to serve omelets on campus during high traffic times without sacrificing taste or slowing service. Their collaboration ultimately led to a trial of Rolled Omelets (a new delivery style for the beloved menu item) on the MSU campus the following autumn. A few days before the trial began, the chefs worked together in the MSU R&D kitchen, perfecting the recipe and cooking method. Once the chefs were satisfied with the finished omelets, they trained the MSU staff for service with the Rolled Omelets.

The Rolled Omelet pop-up debuted on campus at MSU Southpoint in the Case Dining Hall to the delight of hundreds of students. Chef Kurt said they got a terrific response from their guests and staff. The team was able to increase throughput with a minimum of training and deliver excellence in flavor and service. A top priority for the culinary team at MSU is to maintain high-quality engagement with students. They were able to do this with the Rolled Omelet Station while at the same time improving operational efficiency.

Following the initial debut of the Rolled Omelet at MSU, the chefs used student feedback to tweak the recipe and service method for even better results. Get more details on how serving Rolled Omelets can benefit your operations.

Rolled Omelet Recipe

Rolled Omelet Live Discussion Video


Continuing Eggucation


Chef-to-chef culinary coaching was on the menu at North Carolina State University during an on-site training session provided by the American Egg Board. It was an opportunity for members of the university’s culinary staff to step away from their day-to-day regimen and get creative. On the first afternoon, the AEB culinary team presented trends and recipe concepts as a prelude to the next day’s cook-off in which NC State chefs were challenged to create eggciting new egg menu items.

The gauntlet was thrown down and the chefs picked it up—egged on by the AEB culinary team and bragging rights.

As the session concluded, the NC State staff told AEB they hadn’t realized all the great recipes they could create with eggs as the hero protein of a meal. And they’re looking forward to putting these recipes on the menu for the next school year.

Cloud Scaping


Harvard University is known for its academic prowess, but the American Egg Board got a taste of their culinary expertise during a campus visit. AEB was invited to participate in Harvard University Dining Services’ (HUDS) Brilliant Bites program, which highlights the nutritional benefits of a single ingredient along with inventive ways to prepare it in recipes created by the university’s culinary staff. This activity gives students a fun way to sample new foods and gives the culinary team an opportunity to strut their creativity. HUDS serves about 25,000 meals per day in 13 dining halls. Each dining hall has its own culinary staff.

During the egg-focused Brilliant Bites event, the culinary staff showcased eggs in a variety of recipes from whimsical Cloud Eggs to Coffee-Poached Eggs on Pumpkin Puree and Green Goddess EggPops to Roasted Vegetable Frittatas with Herbed Sour Cream. As part of the event, signage touted the many nutritional benefits of eggs from satiety to cognition and physical performance.

The Instagram-ready, Cloud Eggs were a huge hit with students, and the HUDS staff said the students enjoyed the event and love eggs. In fact, responding to popular demand, HUDS added an egg option for burger toppings on its pre-order food app.

Breakfast & Life Lesson


When Harvard University students asked for weekday breakfast offerings to be enhanced beyond just cold offerings, Crista Martin, Director for Strategic Initiatives and Communications, worked with the dining services (HUDS) team to implement a do-it-yourself scrambled egg station pilot program. The DIY scrambled egg stations were set up with how-to posters, which provided step-by-step instructions, an induction burner, skillets, a variety of ingredients, and of course, eggs.

The HUDS staff found students were very receptive to the DIY station, because it was easy to navigate and offered a variety of inclusions, even accommodating those with food allergens or religious dietary restrictions. Other benefits Martin shared included safety—this is because students are using induction burners and there are no open flames—and labor savings. The Scrambled Egg Stations don’t require additional labor since all the cooking is done by students.

Upon hearing about the success of the pilot program, the American Egg Board partnered with HUDS to turn the step-by-step instructional posters into an educational how-to scramble eggs video. When the DIY scrambled egg stations were rolled out into all 12 residence halls for the new school year, each one had a video screen with a looping video, showing students how to cook their own eggs. HUDS is not only feeding students, they’re teaching them how to cook, a valuable life skill.


Cook & Learn Videos


Developed specifically for grades six through 12, our Cook & Learn video series educates students about the incredible nutritional benefits of eggs and provides step-by-step demonstrations of basic and advanced egg cooking techniques. The videos are narrated and feature school nutrition professional, Chef Robert Rusan of the Maplewood Richmond Heights School District in Maplewood, Mo. Use them as in-class learning tools.


Basic Cooking

Advanced Cooking

Eggs 101

Egg Science

Virtual Egg Farm Field Trips


Since 2012, the American Egg Board has partnered with Discovery Education to bring modern egg farms into today’s classrooms through Virtual Egg Farm Field Trips. Join America’s egg farmers in exploring their farms!


Hertzfeld Poultry Farm

Egg farms, like many others, are rising to the challenge of operating more sustainably. As a fourth-generation family farm in Grand Rapids, Ohio, Tom Hertzfeld II and his family understands the importance of sustainability and managing their ecological footprint. Learn how they conserve and protect the natural resources they rely on to produce eggs.


For students K-5


For Students 6-8

Creighton Brothers Farms

Explore the ecosystem and food webs of an egg farm and discover how all parts — from the soil to plants to hens to humans — relate to and depend on one another. Plus, learn why this five-generation family farm in Warsaw, Indiana, believes high-quality animal care and environmental stewardship are critical to their business, community and world.


For students K-5


For Students 6-8

Pearl Valley Eggs

Meet Dave and Ben Thompson, the father-and-son team, behind Pearl Valley Eggs in Illinois. Take a look at their feed mill and pullet barn and learn how egg farmers are working hard to be environmentally friendly and sustainable.


Willamette Egg Farms

At Willamette Egg Farms in Oregon, Gordon and Greg Satrum, also father and son, take viewers inside their scenic third-generation egg farm for a better look at how eggs move from their farm to our tables.


Hickman’s Family Farm

AEB’s inaugural Virtual Farm Field Trip kicked off at Hickman’s Family Farms in Arizona. Brother and sister Clint and Sharman Hickman are part of the farm’s third generation. Explore their hen house and egg processing plant, robots included!