Incredible Kids

I'm just going to continue to volunteer and advocate to help girls get to the STEM table. You better get used to us girls because we are not going anywhere!

Taylor Richardson, 14 / Jacksonville, FL

Why Taylor is incredible:
  • Raised $20,000 via GoFundMe campaign to hold screenings of the movie Hidden Figures
  • Inspired a national movement of campaigns in 28 states and 72 cities to raise an additional $120,000
  • Handed out more than 1,000 Hidden Figures books
  • Hosts STEM conferences for young girls interested in the field
  • Wants to help girls realize their full potential
Fun facts:
  • Recently attended BET’s Black Girls Rock LEAD Conference
  • Is an aspiring astronaut
Favorite Way to Eat Eggs:
  • Scrambled eggs with cheese and bacon, and grits on the side