Restaurant Spotlight – Eastman Egg Company


Every so often, we crave an egg dish or sandwich that we didn’t make – hard to believe, right? Well, it’s true and that’s exactly why we wandered into the Eastman Egg Company – a downtown Chicago food truck turned “brick and mortar” specializing in the almighty egg sandwich.

We know that sometimes making your own breakfast in the morning just doesn’t happen. That’s where the Eastman Egg Company comes in.  They know what you want in the morning; food that is flavorful, fast, and fresh.  They have the formula nailed.  They get 2,400 eggs delivered weekly fresh from the farm.  They get bread delivered daily, and make all sauces in house.  Every sandwich is made to order.  Seriously. Everything is made fresh and most importantly, it’s made fast.  You can get your sandwich in less than five minutes!

The actual sandwiches are nothing short of incredible. There’s the Eastman, which has the signature omelet style egg (like all of their sandwiches, it’s a fluffy egg that cooks quickly), ham, cucumber, sweet chili sauce (homemade with red peppers, chilies and garlic), on ciabatta. It’s crisp with a little spice sandwiched between a pillowy roll. If you prefer a veggie-loaded sandwich, try the Fairfax with red peppers, spinach, cheese and homemade green goddess sauce (fresh herbs mixed with yogurt).  The toppings are colorful and tangy, and highlight the egg perfectly. How’s that for a high-quality protein breakfast to start your day?

The morning rush is hectic. It’s hard to make time for a filling breakfast that keeps you going.  A five minute break in the day to enjoy it is totally worth it.

Do you have a favorite breakfast sandwich? Tell us in the comments and if you ever find yourself at 23 North Wacker in Chicago, do yourself a favor and get your hands on an Eastman Egg Company sandwich for breakfast or lunch!