National Deviled Egg Day

To celebrate National Deviled Egg Day, we’ve revamped the classic party favorite with next-level presentations. Each option has its own perks to match whatever atmosphere you’re looking to put on for your guests, from a stylish brunch to an intimate dinner. No matter which you choose, all three set-ups are sure to impress today or any day!

DIY Deviled Egg Bar

Ideal scene: large buffet brunch party. Make it customizable with a DIY deviled egg bar. Similar to a Bloody Mary bar, this display allows party-goers to dress their meal however they please. Suggested toppings include bacon bits, cheese, green onions, jalapeños, salsa, peppers and seasonings. Beyond garnishes, try creating different filling flavors, such as avocado, spicy Sriracha and the original deviled egg filling.

Deviled Egg Charcuterie Board

Ideal scene: appetizer at a dinner party. Everyone will be whipping out their phones to take a picture of this Instagram-worthy deviled egg charcuterie board. Just like the classic Italian presentation of a meat and cheese plate, this family-style meal makes it easy for a small group to pick up pinches of their favorite toppings and add to their deviled eggs right at the table.

Deviled Egg Flight

Ideal scene: A tapas-style meal. The deviled egg flight is perfect for a group that likes it try it all! Playing off of a beer flight, set up your platter with 4-5 different deviled egg recipes. Give a few simple filling options and light toppings, then present some advanced recipes that test the pallet. Incredible tip: pair each deviled egg with a matching drink or cocktail.

Need some ideas to get started? Get inspiration for upscale deviled eggs here.