Meet the Egg

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Eggs are small, but mighty.  They are a nutritional powerhouse, a great value and extremely versatile. When it comes to getting key nutrients in one place, it’s hard to top the egg.

The six grams of high-quality protein in eggs is hard to beat. It helps keep you fuller longer, so the person you’re sitting next to isn’t hearing your stomach growling an hour or two after breakfast.

And what’s better than cutting into a delicious poached or fried egg to see a creamy golden yolk? So tasty! Did you know yolks are also a nutrient goldmine? The yolk is the source for 100 percent of the Iron, Choline (an essential nutrient for brain development), Vitamin D, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, Vitamin B12, and Zinc found in the egg. Other incredible nutrients in the yolk are folate, selenium, and phosphorus. Did we mention eggs contain no carbs or sugar unlike yogurt or cereal?

Eggs pack a punch with nutrition, but won’t pinch your wallet. Compared to other popular breakfast options, eggs cost approximately 17 cents per serving.  Are you ready to heat up a skillet and take a crack at the Incredible Egg? Don’t be shy, tell us why you eat eggs in the comments – we want to know!