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Egg and Cheese Recipes

What makes a perfectly scrambled egg that much better? What tops off the best egg breakfast sandwiches? What makes a frittata extra special? Cheese, of course! We love a good egg and cheese combination, not just for the taste, but also because it’s a great way to add a little more protein to your meal. […]

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Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Eggs

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Today many people like to honor Mexico’s win in the Battle of Puebla by eating a few south of the border inspired favorites. We do too and of course we like to start with breakfast to make sure we can celebrate Cinco de Mayo all day long! There are several simple […]

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Elevate Hard-Boiled Eggs

Easter might be over, but we’re still making good use of our new Easy-Peel Hard-Boiled Egg recipe. After all the egg festivities, it’s easy to forget how versatile hard-boiled eggs really are. Not only are they great for a grab-and go snack, they’re perfect for lunch or even a great add to dinner. Something as […]

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Experience an Egg Farm Visit

According to the 2010 U.S. Census, more people live in urban areas than in rural America.  So for a lot of students, it’s nearly impossible to visit an actual working farm for a school field trip.  That is why Discovery Education will host a virtual field trip at Hertzfeld Poultry Farm on March 14th. Teachers, […]

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A Love Letter To Breakfast Food

Dear Breakfast Food, On Valentine’s Day, we’d like to thank you for being so wonderful. Burgers are fun, Pizza is exciting, but we love you most of all. We love the effort it takes to make a delicious Eggs Benedict, with zesty Hollandaise, savory Canadian bacon and of course a perfectly poached egg. We love […]

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Dietary Guidelines

If you’ve read about the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recently, you know there’s good news when it comes to eating eggs – no limit to daily cholesterol. A recommendation that’s consistent with groups like the American Heart Association and other countries around the world. According to the results of the Guidelines, eggs are affordable, […]

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Make a Change in 2016

It could be because of the holiday parties, or it could be because of the New Year, but people always seem to talk about diets in January.  We think you shouldn’t worry because there are plenty of simple ways to feel good about your health. Small, easy steps, like the following, can make a difference […]

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Restaurant Spotlight: M. Henry

Brunch is more than a meal. These days, it’s an event, and what’s being served is more than a sunny-side up egg with sausage and even more than French Toast. So, when we go out to brunch, we like to indulge and that happens at M. Henry in Chicago because it’s more than just a […]

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Help Through the Holidays

The holidays are meant to be enjoyed with family and friends and shouldn’t be spent stressing out  over baking the perfect cookie or dessert.  Whether it’s spreading cheer at a cookie exchange or decorating treats for Santa, our favorite cookie recipes and easy baking hacks will help you bake the best batch of cookies, every […]

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Virtual Field Trip to an Egg Farm

Looking back, the best days in school were either field trips or when your teacher wheeled a TV into the classroom. These days kids can enjoy both because the field trips can come to them. How? Through virtual field trips like the one Discovery Education offers where classes can be transported to an egg farm. […]

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Cauliflower Pizza Crust – The Incredible Egg Test Kitchen

Remember when you didn’t hear the word “gluten” used often? Or “paleo”? Those days are long gone. For a variety of reasons, people are searching for alternative ways to make their favorite foods. Enter cauliflower pizza crust. Like its cruciferous sibling brussel sprouts, cauliflower went from a kid’s worst nightmare to a trendy food superstar. […]

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Answers for Egg Packages

You can fry ‘em, you can scramble ‘em, you can poach ‘em.  We all know how we can cook our eggs. But, do you know how to buy your eggs? Let’s face it. Shopping at the grocery store is hectic and can be overwhelming. How many times did you buy something thinking it’s one thing […]

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