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Grab-and-Go Recipes

Is everyone getting back in the swing of things since school started? It can take a few weeks, right? We know families have different kinds of starts before school, but we’ve seen a ton of people embracing on-the- go breakfasts. Who wouldn’t? It makes getting everyone up and fed in the morning a breeze! We […]

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Get Incredible Egg to SXSWedu

If you know anything about South by Southwest, you know it’s a big deal. But, did you know it’s not just about the newest tech startup, or a surprise performance by a pop star? They hold conferences about education too: SXSWedu. At SXWedu, people have access to topics that make headlines and start trends – […]

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Back To School Breakfast

Alarm goes off. Get up. Get kids up. Get dressed. Get kids dressed. Put together lunches. Get soccer ball. Get ballet slippers. Get…breakfast? Oh yeah, it’s back-to-school season.  We know you’re busy, but don’t forget that “the most important meal of the day” phrase is no joke. Studies show if you skip breakfast even once […]

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Poached Eggs in a Microwave – The Incredible Egg Test Kitchen

Today in our Test Kitchen, we’re tackling egg poaching.  Poached eggs are typically known for having tender soft whites, gooey yolks and  for being difficult to make. We won’t argue with you – traditional egg poaching takes some practice, and some time. Time you probably don’t have on most week days. Enter microwave poached eggs! […]

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Restaurant Spotlight – Eastman Egg Company

  Every so often, we crave an egg dish or sandwich that we didn’t make – hard to believe, right? Well, it’s true and that’s exactly why we wandered into the Eastman Egg Company – a downtown Chicago food truck turned “brick and mortar” specializing in the almighty egg sandwich. We know that sometimes making […]

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Eat Your Veggies

Diets. It seems like every couple of months a new trend sprouts up. How can you figure out which diet is good, and which diet is a flash in the pan? More importantly, how can you figure out what diet works for you?

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Bird Flu and Egg Prices

You may have noticed that the price of eggs is going up. The primary reason is that Avian Influenza (AI), also known as bird flu, hit the U.S. In fact, more than 12 percent of the egg laying flock has been affected, making the supply of eggs tighter.

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Meet the Egg

Eggs are small, but mighty. They are a nutritional powerhouse, a great value and extremely versatile. When it comes to getting key nutrients in one place, it’s hard to top the egg.

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Welcome to Sunny Side Up – The Incredible Egg Blog

Welcome to Sunny Side Up – the Incredible Egg Blog! From the bottom of our yolk, thanks for visiting us. We are thrilled to be your all-around resource for eggs and will be shelling out recipes, tips, fun egg facts and doing our best to answer any eggcellent questions you come up with!

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