Easter Challenge 2022 – Week 3

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Garden Inspired Egg Centerpieces by Kara Whitten

Garden Inspired Egg Centerpiece

Make your own rainbow egg creation with these beautiful eggs decorated in all the joyous shades of Easter. Try using crayons to add details like seeds and lines and felt for stems to create fruit and veggie eggs. You can even place them in a green display for your own personal garden inspired egg decoration!

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8 Votes; 0.66%
Bon Egg-ppetit! by Inga Lam

Bon Egg-ppetit!

A true feast of eggs disguised as fruits, vegetables, and even, mini burgers, to make for this one of a kind spread. Encourage every member of the family to re-create their favorite fruit or vegetable with these imaginative egg creations.

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994 Votes; 82.49%
Handblown Egg Window Garlands by Ashley Rose

Handblown Egg Window Garlands

If you want to add a little Easter magic that both your family and your neighbors can enjoy, this window garland is for you! Bonus points for having it “bloom” from your favorite Easter basket!

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203 Votes; 16.85%