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Welcome to Sunny Side Up – the Incredible Egg Blog! From the bottom of our yolk, thanks for visiting us. We are thrilled to be your all-around resource for eggs and will be shelling out recipes, tips, fun egg facts and doing our best to answer any eggcellent questions you come up with!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the Incredible Egg. They’re not just for the weekend anymore! Stick with us and we’ll show you fast and easy ways to wake up to eggs every morning. We’re also inviting you to help us stay on top of cool cooking trends by telling us what you’ve seen. We’ll test them out –to the best of our egg ability and share results! We hope it inspires you to try eggs in a new way.

Speaking of trends, there’s lots going on in the nutrition world and sometimes it can be confusing.  We’re here to help. We’ll work to share informative nutrition information and then try to show you how to make it happen in your everyday life with useful recipes and tips.

Besides sharing delicious recipes and interesting facts, we do some other work here that you may find rather…incredible. Check in to see what other programs we do with eggs and the egg industry – from teacher lesson plans to taking a closer look at egg farms and farmers across the country.

Expect to wake up to eggs and learn something new. Expect to get a little hungry. Lastly, expect some egg puns. Get eggcited, you know we are.