Inga Lam, 2023 IE Competition Host, Reigning Competition Chamption

The Incredible Egg Competition

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The competition is on – the Incredible Egg Competition, that is.

As we count down to Easter, Passover and all-things springtime entertaining, bakers, home cooks and foodies are contending in weekly creative competitions for the third annual Incredible Egg Competition. Competitors will be showcasing their best egg creations for a chance to win the Golden Egg Grand Prize. Check back each week to review weekly submissions and vote for your favorite Competitor.

How to Vote For Your Favorites:

Check back each Monday and vote for your favorite egg-inspired creation and learn about next week’s competition. Remember: you can only vote on each weekly competition once! Voting for each competition closes on Friday at midnight.

The ultimate fan-favorite Competitor – and recipient of the Golden Egg Grand Prize – will be announced on Tuesday, April 4. The prize? Monthly breakfast for a year and $5,000 donated on behalf of the Incredible Egg Competitor to the hunger relief organization of their choice.

Week 3 – The Springtime Stretch

Some of our best Easter memories include much anticipated egg decorating (the magic!) and grabbing up brightly colored eggs ‘hidden’ around the yard. The tradition and rituals of decorated Easter eggs are a childhood staple, but what happens to those eggs once they’re decorated? Welcome to the springtime stretch, where we help you discover how to safely use decorated Easter eggs.

Check out the results below and come back Monday to vote on the new competition.

Voting has closed but check below for this week’s submissions by our Competitors.
Egg Tartine by Mallory Jones Oniki

Egg Tartine

Mallory Jones Oniki @thepalatablelife on Instagram

This egg tartine is my favorite way to use my Easter eggs! The hard-boiled eggs are tossed in a lemon dijon mayo, then topped on toasted bread along with capers and lots of fresh herbs. It is insanely simple to make and perfect for spring!

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1,021 Votes; 58.38%
Japanese Egg Salad sandwiches by Jessica Bui

Japanese Egg Salad Sandwiches

These Japanese Egg Salad sandwiches – also known as Tamago Sando – are my favorite way to repurpose Easter eggs! In addition to their amazing flavor, I also love the bright green, spring color the chives add, which dress up any spread.

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495 Votes; 28.30%
Egg Salad Sando by Kristina Cho

Egg Salad Sando

This Egg Salad Sando is the perfect way to recycle eggs this season and make use of all these yummy ingredients. It is inarguably the best way to use hard-boiled eggs (which is great after all the Easter egg hunts this time of year). It was so much fun to experiment with natural ways to color eggs with common things in my kitchen, and I encourage you to try it!

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233 Votes; 13.32%