Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Everyone can help decorate an Easter Egg Tree. Grab your glue gun and make it an annual family tradition.

Take your egg decorating to the next level. Try your hand at pysanky – Ukrainian Easter Eggs – decorated with traditional folk art designs, using a wax-resist method.

Want to know more about this eggciting tradition? “Cascarones” is derived from the Spanish word, cascara, which translates to “shell.”

Use ingredients in your kitchen to decorate your eggs — like turmeric for a golden yellow or beets for a dark pink!

Decorate your eggs with something delicious to make them eggstra special!

When do eggs become eggceptional? When they’re marbled, of course! Follow these steps and tips to make marbled eggs.

Put your own spin on the traditional Easter pastel palette with bright, bold tie-dye eggs!

Experiment with new color palettes and color combinations with these fun DIY modern, color-blocked Easter eggs!

Use colored rice to create unique patterns on eggs!

Glitter makes eggs even more incredible. Follow these steps and tips to make speggtacular glitter eggs!

Polka dots aren’t just for yellow bikinis. They look great on eggs too! Follow these steps and tips to make eggtastic polka dot eggs.

Decorating eggs with washi tape is fun and easy. Wrap the entire egg in tape, or cut the tape into creative shapes. And if you change your mind, you can easily remove and replace the tape.

Put your drawing skills to the test by decorating eggs with paint pens. Go big and paint the entire egg, or keep it simple with decorative written words. The egg is your canvas!

For a nighttime Easter egg hunt, decorate neon eggs that glow under a blacklight. The more you dip the eggs in neon dye, the more out-of-this-world the eggs will be!

Eggs look meggnificent in many different colors. So, why not give them that special glow this holiday? Follow these steps and tips for how to dye Easter eggs.

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If you plan to eat your decorated eggs, make sure to use only food-safe decorating materials. Read Easter & Egg Safety for more information.