DIY Kid-friendly Easter Tree Decoration

Craft the perfect Easter egg tree for your Easter tablescape


12 empty EGGSHELLS, decorated
12 strips of ribbon, 15” each and 1/4 - 1/2” wide
Craft glue or hot glue gun
Small- to medium-size sturdy tree branches
Container for branches (vase or large Mason jar)
Floral clay/foam or styrofoam (optional)
Gravel, pebbles or marbles


  1. DRY empty decorated eggshells completely.

  2. CUT 12 15” strips of ribbon. WRAP and GLUE a piece of ribbon around each egg. Starting at the smaller end of the egg, GLUE in a straight line down the egg around the larger end and COMPLETE back at the smaller end where you started, allowing 5” of the ribbon at the ends to TIE a bow at the top of the egg. This will become the loop to attach each egg to the tree branch. PLACE ribboned eggs to the side. LET the glue dry.

  3. REMOVE any leaves from the tree branch. PLACE a piece of floral clay on the bottom of the container and PLACE the branches in the clay to tightly secure.

  4. ADD gravel, pebbles or marbles to cover the floral clay.

  5. HANG the decorated eggs on branches to complete the Easter Tree!

Insider Info

To personalize your Easter Tree, try adding family photos! Punch a hole in a small family picture, pull the ribbon through the photo and tie in a bow at the end. Place ribboned photos throughout the tree branches.

Emptying eggshells can be tricky. Learn how to do it like an egg decorating pro here.