How to make Eggs with Whipped Cream

Decorate your eggs with something delicious to make them eggstra special!


12 hard-boiled EGGS, in shell
Food coloring
1 large carton of whipped cream, such as Cool Whip™
Drying rack


  1. EMPTY container of whipped cream into an 8x8 baking dish, or use a muffin pan to keep the colors separate.

  2. DROP food coloring onto the whipped cream. SWIRL the color to create a tie-dye effect. Do not use more than one color at a time, or you'll get a muddy color.

  3. DIP eggs into marbled food coloring and whipped cream mixture.

  4. PLACE eggs on drying rack and let dry for 20-60 minutes.

Insider Info

If you plan to eat your decorated eggs, make sure to use only food-safe decorating materials. For more on Easter & Egg Safety.