Easter Egg Design Ideas & Tips from Novogratz’s

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Unique Easter Egg Designs

Known for their eclectic and daring design pairings, it’s no surprise Cortney and Robert Novogratz, HGTV design stars and parents of seven kids are brightening up the classic tradition of Easter egg decorating with their trademark flair.

Decorating Easter eggs is easy. Simply hard-boil some eggs, grab the kids and get creative. Whether a beginner or an eggspert, these half-dozen Easter egg decorating ideas and tips from the Novogratz family will inspire families to turn dyed eggs into unique and personal designs with minimal effort.

Stick To It


Take rolls of craft tape and start wrapping. Mix and match different colors and patterns of tape to give eggs a modern edge.

Helpful Hints

  • Also known as “Japanese Washi Tape,” craft tape can be found in the scrapbooking section at a local home or craft store.



Use leaves or flowers to create a unique design. Simply place your chosen leaf or flower on the outside of an egg and slip it into a pantyhose, tightly securing the hose with a knot. Lower the egg into your chosen color. Leave eggs in the dye until you’ve achieved your desired brightness and then remove from dye.

Helpful Hints

  • Cut panty hose into squares and tie a knot at the bottom.
  • When tying the open end of the panty hose, ensure that it’s tied as tightly against the egg as possible, so the leaf does not slip during egg dyeing.
  • Use scissors to cut open the nylon to easily extract the egg and leaf.
  • If leaves aren’t available, try fresh herbs like cilantro, parsley or sage.

Family Portrait


Tape tissue paper onto regular printer paper and print individual family photos or portraits onto it. Cut the photos out and apply them to the outside of eggs using decoupage glue (Modge Podge) or craft glue. Put them in individual egg holders on plates for instant place cards!

Helpful Hints

  • Cut out photos in a circular/oval shape for easier application to the egg.
  • Modge Podge, or craft glue, can be found at a local craft store.

Egg Scramble


Create word scrambles by placing number or letter stickers on eggs before dipping then into egg dye. Remove eggs from dye once desired color is achieved, gently removing the stickers from the outside of the egg.

Helpful Hints

  • Number and letter stickers are available at any craft, home or office store.
  • Avoid numbers and letters that are paper stickers, to ensure stickers come off cleanly and don’t dissolve in the egg dye.

That’s A Wrap


Thinly coat a piece of bubble packaging with acrylic paint, then roll egg over the paint. Let the paint dry on the egg, then repeat with another color, if desired.

Helpful Hints

  • Paint a very thin coat of paint three to four bubbles wide to ensure clear “bubble” imprints; dab bubble wrap with a paper towel if paint looks too thick.
  • To layer color, make sure paint dries on egg between each coat.

Dainty Designs


Find beautifully patterned paper napkins and cut out the design. Apply them to the outside of the egg using decoupage glue (Modge Podge) or craft glue.

Helpful Hints

  • Colorful paper napkin patterns can be found at your local home or party store.
  • If a pattern is intricately detailed, use a cuticle scissors to cut out the design.

More Tips on Easter Egg Decorating

For more Easter egg decorating ideas, designs, tips and tricks, visit the Incredible Egg on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.