Easter Egg Coloring & Dyeing Tips From Sabrina Soto

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Whether you plan to use an egg coloring kit or dye eggs naturally, get creative this Easter season with these quick and easy DIY tips for coloring and dyeing Easter eggs from HGTV Interior Designer, Sabrina Soto.

Perfect Polka


Use the eraser end of a pencil to paint perfect polka dots on your egg. Just dip the eraser into acrylic craft paint and dab onto the egg. Make different patterns and use different colors to create your perfect designs!

Glitter Eggs


Add sparkle to your eggs by covering them in your favorite colored glitter. Brush craft glue over the egg until the entire surface is covered. Sprinkle a handful of glitter on paper plates and start rolling!

Tattoo Décor

Kids always have those temporary tattoos lying around their rooms! Why not make egg decorating simple? Apply those same tattoos to your eggs for a professional and easy look that kids will love!

Ribbon Wrap


Tie a beautiful ribbon around a dyed egg. Mix colors and patterns for fun visual interest! Adorn with craft or fabric flowers, even buttons. For a more rustic look, use natural fibers such as hemp or twine with dried flowers in place of the ribbons.


Purchase basic spray paint from your local craft store. Begin by spray painting one end of the egg a heavy coat and lightening the coats as you work your way up to the opposite end of the egg. You’ll achieve a beautiful ombre effect. Introduce a new color by spray painting the other end and blending the colors in the middle.

Sharpie Doodle

Eggs don’t have to be dyed to look special! Get a thin sharpie and doodle away. Create beautiful designs and patterns around the egg. Paisley and flowers are simple to make. Start with a leaf or a daisy shape and keep building off that design until the egg is fully decorated!