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An unsweetened, open-faced custard pie, served hot or cold as a main dish, appetizer or snack. A quiche requires only a few ingredients: eggs, milk, seasonings and whatever else you might want to add in the way of flavoring, such as shredded cheese or chopped cooked vegetables, meat, poultry, fish or seafood. You can make a family-sized quiche in a regular pie plate or in a quiche dish. Custard cups make handy holders for individual quiches.

A traditional quiche is made in a pastry crust. For less fat, you can also make a crust out of cooked rice or cereal, bread or cracker crumbs, mashed beans or potatoes, or chopped spinach. You can line custard cups with bread for toast cups or use won ton wrappers or tortillas in place of pastry.

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