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Soufflé, Cold

A term loosely applied to a number of airy egg dishes with a texture closely resembling a soufflé. For the purist, however, cold soufflés are more accurately known as snows or sponges, chiffons or Bavarians.

Snows or sponges are clear gels plus egg whites. To make one, you add unbeaten egg whites to a partially-set basic gelatin mixture and beat until soft peaks form. Then chill until firm.

Chiffons consist of beaten egg whites added to custard gels. For the custard base, you cook egg yolks with gelatin. Then fold in stiffly beaten egg whites and chill the mixture. You can enjoy a chiffon as is or use it for a pie filling.

Bavarians are custard gels you make with egg yolks, then add both beaten egg whites and whipped cream.

These recipes are usually made with raw whites and/or yolks, but some can be cooked.

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