The Incredible Egg’s first-ever Incredible Kid Alex Upendo-Hart

Alex Hart-Upendo was last year’s first You’re Incredible Because… Contest winner. We were inspired by Alex’s experience with homelessness and bullying and how he overcame these obstacles to become the incredible young man he is today: an entrepreneur, published author, founder of a non-profit organization and mentor to kids experiencing their own issues with bullying.

Alex’s mother, Karee Upendo, had this to say about him when she submitted him as an incredible kid last year:

…You are #incrediblebecause at just the age of 10 you have experienced some of the most devastating things, from being homeless, being bullied and the loss of a loved one due to cancer… You chose to turn the negative word ‘nerd’ into something positive and fashionable, bowties! At just 10 you own a company called Build-A-Bow! You then took it a step further and decided 40 percent of proceeds would go to charity.