Bob Krouse

5th Generation Egg Farmer
Midwest Poultry Services, Mentone, IN


Midwest Poultry Services is an egg farming tradition in Indiana. The fifth-generation operation has been family-owned and operated since 1875 and now houses more than two million hens. The Krouse family is committed to the community, providing sustainable jobs and an outlet for local farmers with 20,000 acres of corn.



Bob’s family business started in North Manchester, Indiana, in 1875 with a water powered grain mill on the Eel River. Today, the family still has a feed mill on that same farm, and Bob’s son Dan recently came to work in the family business as part of the sixth generation.

Today, Midwest Poultry Services is the 8th largest egg producer in this country with 300 employees and 8.5 million hens spread across farms in Indiana, Illinois and Ohio. And the farm still produces all of its own feed — more than 500 million pounds per year, buying 40,000 acres of corn from local farmers and soybean meal from 45,000 acres.