Chris Esbenshade

2nd Generation Egg Farmer
Esbenshade Farms, Mount Joy, PA


Esbenshade Farms started in 1963, but the family’s farming history dates back seven generations. Alongside employees who share its commitment to excellence and integrity, the Esbenshade family cares for its hens, monitoring their comfort, health and safety. Chris Esbenshade, the second generation to lead the egg farm, is proud to produce high-quality eggs for his family and yours.



His parents, Glenn and Rachael Esbenshade, started with a small flock of hens in 1963 that has grown to include more than 2 million hens today. Chris is honored to produce an all-natural, nutritious, safe and affordable food that continues his family’s history in agriculture, which has been their way of life since the early 1800s.

Their hens’ comfort, health and safety are the top priority at Esbenshade Farms, where a state-of-the-art farm allows hens to live comfortably in a safe, climate-controlled environment while reducing their carbon footprint.