Mindy Truex

3rd Generation Egg Farmer
Creighton Brothers Farms, Warsaw, IN

In order to continue being the successful family business their fathers envisioned back in 1925, they focus their unwavering attention, first and foremost, to the best care for their hens, on being responsible stewards of the land, and by providing superior standards for product quality and food safety.



Mindy Truex is proud of her work as a third-generation egg farmer who is committed to caring for her animals and providing nutritious, affordable eggs. She works on a large range of projects and helps keep her 160+ family owners informed. Every day, the family and employees care for 3 million hens, 5,000 sows and 9,000 acres of crop ground.

Located in Warsaw, Indiana, Creighton Brothers produces eggs, pork, corn and soybeans. Their eggs are also processed for use in foodservice and manufacturing and as ready-to-eat hard boiled eggs.