Real School Success Stories

Stories of nutritious success from school districts around the country


Sharing the Power of Nutrition
The Nutrition Services Department in the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District (CFISD) in Houston has what might seem a daunting task – serving more than 113,000 meals daily or approximately 20 million meals per year on 91 campuses.
Crowing about School Breakfast Leads to Visit by Governor
Let’s just say, when you live in Iowa, the No. 1 egg-producing state in the nation, you’re probably not averse to a little crowing in the morning. 
Dallas Eggspands Menus

Texas is known for diving into things in a big way, and the Food and Child Nutrition Services (FCNS) team in the Dallas Independent School District is no different.

Getting Real at Breakfast

To jumpstart breakfast uptake at schools with low participation numbers in the San Diego Unified School District, the food services team introduced The Real Deal Breakfast Sandwich as a limited-time offer (LTO).

Rising to Eggcellence

At Tennessee’s Tullahoma City Schools, Director of Nutrition, Angela Cardwell, says, “Our mission is to provide all students with the opportunity to obtain an excellent education.”

Breakfast Sandwiches “Hot” Item in Texas School District

Studies show students perform better when their hunger is satisfied

“Flipping the Script” on School Breakfast
Breakfast is supposed to be nourishing, comforting, satisfying and a bit exciting. Unfortunately, the perception of school breakfast is often the exact opposite. 
Greenville County Schools Go Green with New Salads

Eggs-perience goes a long way

Better Behavior Linked to Protein Snacks? One School Says So

Recently a school district in Iowa published the results of a program called “The Protein Intervention” that substituted protein-based snacks for the carbohydrate-based snacks typically given to hungry students.
Farm to School Eggs & Chefs Partner with Local Schools
Small but mighty, this Maine district offers programs and events regularly throughout the year, connecting students with the community and local agriculture.
Creating Egg-centric Recipes, One Crack at a Time

Lakeside Union School District is always experimenting with new and creative ways to meet school nutrition requirements without sacrificing quality and taste.

Locally-Sourced Ingredients Wrapped In Success

Greeley-Evans School District 6 in Greeley, Colorado is proud to serve Breakfast Burritos (made with local ingredients) to their students once a week.