Breakfast Sandwiches “Hot” Item in Texas School District


Whitesboro ISD in Whitesboro, Texas

Studies show students perform better when their hunger is satisfied, or as one study puts it, “eating breakfast has a positive effect on children’s cognitive performance.”1 The Whitesboro Independent School District in Texas believes their students perform their best after eating breakfast, particularly breakfast served hot and fresh. And when they can, this district’s breakfasts include eggs.

In fact, district employees state it plainly-“Our students love eggs! It’s surely a kid-pleaser and helps them get fueled up for the school day!” In response, the Whitesboro ISD food services offers protein at every breakfast every day at the secondary school level and at least three days per week at the elementary level. And their menu certainly highlights the versatility of eggs. The district offers students eggs in formats that range from scrambled to omelets and patties in a variety of entrées.

Of all the menu variations that include eggs, district officials say their most popular and eye-appealing recipes feature versions of their Open-Face Croissant Breakfast Sandwich (which provides 1-oz. equivalent whole grain and 1-oz. equivalent meat.) One features a grilled egg patty and one includes a fresh egg cooked in a muffin tin. Both also include cheese, ham and fresh baby spinach. Although united in their love of the district’s egg dishes, this distinction divides the student body-the elementary students prefer the egg patty, while the secondary students love the fresh egg version. This means the food services staff does a lot of scratch cooking with eggs. They report using about a case of fresh eggs a week at each of the four schools in the district, which tallies up to about 57,600 fresh shell egg servings per school year.*



The breakfast sandwich concept allows the district to meet the whole grain requirement and still offer a protein, while serving up fabulous flavor in a format that pleases the student body. Also, a handheld sandwich provides flexibility as a grab-and-go menu item or one that could easily be adapted to either cafeteria or classroom serving situations. The district has shared both breakfast croissant sandwich recipes, which are available for download by clicking here.

The fact that eggs are an affordable protein helps make them an attractive option for this school district’s foodservice program, or any district for that matter. Price is just one reason why the Whitesboro district likes to use eggs as a center-of-the-plate protein. Another reason is that eggs are low in sodium. Whether a district uses fresh eggs or one of the many prepared versions available such as hard-boiled, scrambled or patties, eggs pair up well with any number of grains, fruits, vegetables or dairy products to create a complete meal that meets federal guidelines.

Tasty, nutritious food served in a clean and safe environment with a friendly smile. That’s what you’ll find in the Whitesboro ISD. What’s “hot” on the menu in your district? We can’t wait to find out how you serve your eggs.

*This number does not denote further processed egg products the district currently offers. It strictly represents fresh shell eggs.