The stress, anxiety and uncertainty of current times has more people reaching for comfort foods to alleviate these feelings and provide consolation along with a sense of well-being. Comfort foods are often convenient, affordable, have nostalgic or sentimental appeal, and are associated with home cooking. All-natural, multifunctional, eggs are both a comfort food as in – soft scrambled eggs – and an essential ingredient in many comforting baked goods like chocolate chip cookies and angel food cake.


Find out what’s driving comfort food sales, the most rapidly growing categories, characteristics successful comfort foods share in common, and more.

High-quality protein plus unique nutritional profile

While eggs definitely qualify as a comfort food – think soft scrambled eggs and toast – they’re also a nutrient-rich, high-quality source of protein. One large egg has six grams of protein, only 70 calories and a host of beneficial nutrients. Read more about the incredible nutrition profile of eggs and emerging research on potential health benefits of nutrients, such as lutein, choline and zeaxanthin.

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