Simple Dessert and Baking Recipes!

Embrace baking with our quick and simple dessert recipes and savor the sweet baking moments with your loved ones.

Easter Bunny Cupcakes

20mins Cook Time
60mins Prep Time
18 Ingr.

Bunny Cake

35mins Cook Time
55mins Prep Time
20 Ingr.

Carrot Cake Mini Stacks with Cream ...

20mins Cook Time
40mins Prep Time
16 Ingr.

Bunnies’ Tres Leches Mini Cakes

22mins Cook Time
18mins Prep Time
12 Ingr.

Daredevil’s Impossible Cake

50mins Cook Time
25mins Prep Time
8 Ingr.

Super Frozen Protein Smoothie

0mins Cook Time
5mins Prep Time
4 Ingr.

Tres Leches Cake

0mins Cook Time
20mins Prep Time
10 Ingr.

Raspberry Coconut Bites

40mins Cook Time
15mins Prep Time
10 Ingr.

Mini Chocolate Cream Tarts

10mins Cook Time
10mins Prep Time
9 Ingr.

Elf’s Bite-Sized Chocolate Pepper...

8mins Cook Time
30mins Prep Time
10 Ingr.