A Love Letter To Breakfast Food

Dear Breakfast Food,

On Valentine’s Day, we’d like to thank you for being so wonderful. Burgers are fun, Pizza is exciting, but we love you most of all.

We love the effort it takes to make a delicious Eggs Benedict, with zesty Hollandaise, savory Canadian bacon and of course a perfectly poached egg. We love a simple pancake topped with maple syrup and sweet berries. We love crepes, the delicate sister of the pancake. Thin and versatile, you are perfect for Sunday mornings. We love to scramble some eggs, smear some cream cheese and slice salmon to make the ultimate bagels and lox. We even love you on the run – there’s always time for eggs with legs.

You are the best, and one of most nutritious gifts we could ever imagine. To wake up February 14th with a platter of eggs on our plate is the only thing we will need.  It’s sweeter than a box of chocolates. It is more beautiful than a bouquet of flowers. The memory of someone waking up to make a special meal to start the day lasts longer than any piece of jewelry could. Thank you for being you, breakfast food.


Incredible Eggs