Back To School Breakfast

Alarm goes off. Get up. Get kids up. Get dressed. Get kids dressed. Put together lunches. Get soccer ball. Get ballet slippers. Get…breakfast? Oh yeah, it’s back-to-school season.  We know you’re busy, but don’t forget that “the most important meal of the day” phrase is no joke.

Studies show if you skip breakfast even once in a while, it’ll make you feel hungry and less satisfied. No matter your morning routine, you can make time for breakfast every day. Seriously!  Here’s how:

  • If you’re a Breakfast Skipper: Even the most hectic of schedules have room for a quick bite, especially if you take a little bit of time during the weekend to whip up a batch of breakfast burritos.  Put them in plastic bags and pop them in the freezer.  In the morning, a quick zap in the microwave gives your kiddos a handheld meal on the ride to school.  Muffin frittatas and hard-boiled eggs are also easy grab-and-go options.
  • If you’re an Early Bird: Some kids (and parents) are up before the rooster crows! That is awesome. Bravo, family. Make the morning special with a quick hot breakfast around the kitchen table.  Breakfast flatbreads are nutritious and ready in 15 minutes. What kid doesn’t want pizza for breakfast? Toad-in-a-hole, eggs in a basket…whatever you call it – it’s also a  kid favorite and a great way to add in more healthy ingredients. Mix it up in the morning with the Nacho Toad in a Hole.
  • If you’re a Late Riser: Some kids aren’t built for the morning. Keep it simple with easy recipes you can make in the microwave.  Coffee Cup Scrambles deliver a hot breakfast in less than two minutes.  An Egg, Canadian Bacon and Cheese Sandwich takes less than five minutes to make and offers the portability you need if you’re heading out the door.

What’s your favorite back-to-school breakfast? How do you get the kids ready in an organized fashion? Leave your comments below!