Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Eggs

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Today many people like to honor Mexico’s win in the Battle of Puebla by eating a few south of the border inspired favorites. We do too and of course we like to start with breakfast to make sure we can celebrate Cinco de Mayo all day long!

There are several simple ways to spice up your breakfast, whether it’s adding your favorite salsa to an omelet, or creating a more authentic experience like Migas, a popular Mexican and Tex-Mex dish.

Adding scrambled eggs to your tacos can give you the best of breakfast with a Latin twist – just check out this breakfast taco recipe. We also love adding chorizo and peppers to make a fiesta frittata!

Don’t forget a Cinco de Mayo party is not complete without a sweet treat. Try your hand at flan, it’s easier than you think! Have a great day celebrating!