Easter Egg Decorating: 2017’s Biggest Trends

Easter often brings back fond memories of decorating eggs and is a great time to get together with the family for a little D.I.Y. project that makes the eggs that much more meaningful for the holiday. Everyone loves seeing the egg they decorated front and center of the Easter basket on the big day!

But gone are the days of simple pastel hues and plastic wrappers. 2017, deemed “the year of the egg emoji” is all about the etched, sparkled and polka dotted eggs!

There are more than a dozen ways to add flare to Easter eggs, so where to start?

One thing that will make your life much easier before the actual decorating even begins is this time hack for hard-boiling eggs.  Once that part is done, you have your blank canvas to start getting creative!

Here are a few ideas on new ways to add even more fun to your decorating. These are easy for everyone to try out and also could even be used for a stunning center piece on your Easter brunch table.

  • Stick to It: Take rolls of craft tape (Japanese Washi Tape) from your local craft store and start wrapping. Mix and match different colors and patterns of tape to give eggs a modern edge.
  • Perfect Polka: Use the eraser end of a pencil to paint perfect polka dots on your egg. Just dip the eraser into acrylic craft paint and dab onto the egg. Make different patterns and use different colors to create your whimsical designs!
  • Get Sparkly: Glitter eggs like these are sure to be the star of any Easter basket. Brush craft glue over the egg until the entire surface is covered. Sprinkle a handful of glitter on paper plates and start rolling!
  • Egg Etching: Simply draw your design directly onto a brown egg shell with a hot wax pen, then drop the egg into a glass of vinegar for about 5 minutes (or until you see bubbles form around the egg). Remove the egg and scratch off the wax and you’d see your design etched into the egg!

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