Egg-citing Gadgets to Use in 2017

2016 gave us the  egg emojiemoji, what will 2017 bring us? New technology to make cooking easier and allowing for chef-inspired meals to be made right in our homes wouldn’t be a bad thought…

Whether you’ve mastered the one-handed egg crack or are just looking to add more eggs to your diet, gadgets make cooking easier and more fun. Check out our roundup of egg gadgets to elevate your cooking experience this year:

  • Use the Hello Egg kitchen assistant to help you plan your meals, watch cooking tutorials, order groceries, and more
  • Assemble egg sandwiches mess-free with the ultimate breakfast sandwich maker
  • Create perfectly-poached eggs with this BPA-free silicone egg poacher
  • Ditch the egg shells this year with this slick egg separator

If you prefer cooking eggs without all the fancy gadgets, check out this handy list of egg hacks to make your life easier this year, along with these other tips and tricks you can find on our site: