An Egg-citing National Egg Day at the USDA’s Farmer Market

At the 22nd USDA Farmers Market, everyone joined in the celebration of National Egg Day and had an egg-cellent time. Attendees gathered around the Fresh This Week tent for an incredible egg spread and to watch the World’s Fastest Omelet Maker.

That’s right, Howard Helmer still holds the title of the World’s Fastest Omelet Maker, and entertained the crowd with his famous omelets and easy, portable deviled eggs. If you don’t know how to make an omelet, take a quick minute right now to learn how or watch Howard in action here.

Howard and the Incredible Edible Egg also provided EggPops throughout the event. What are EggPops, you ask? EggPops, hard-boiled eggs served on a stick, provide a portable snack option. Top them off with your favorite dips and sauces to customize each bite. The Incredible Edible Egg served more than 1,250 EggPops! The flavor station was the talk of the market, with Sriracha sauce being the most popular EggPop topping. We spoke to many attendees who all felt that the EggPops would be a great party addition to entertain guests.

The Incredible Egg Mascot “Eggy” took pictures and Howard shared all the incredible benefits of eggs, as he demonstrated cooking techniques. Did you know that one large egg contains 6 grams of high-quality protein and varying amounts of 13 essential vitamins and minerals? Even Howard said eggs are the real MVP: Most Valuable Protein.

Thanks to everyone who attended the USDA Farmers Market. How did you celebrate National Egg Day?