Elevate Hard-Boiled Eggs

Easter might be over, but we’re still making good use of our new Easy-Peel Hard-Boiled Egg recipe. After all the egg festivities, it’s easy to forget how versatile hard-boiled eggs really are. Not only are they great for a grab-and go snack, they’re perfect for lunch or even a great add to dinner.

Something as simple as hard-boiling a dozen eggs over the weekend can easily upgrade your week. Eat one-a-day for a 70-calorie snack that helps you feel fuller longer, or add a few simple ingredients to make a full meal. Here are a few of our favorite recipes that show the versatility of hard-boiled eggs.

For Breakfast: Our Microwave Egg Ham Muffin will get you going in  three minutes flat. It’s a great mix of high-quality protein and complex carbs that gives you the right start in the morning.

For Lunch: We love Buzzfeed’s great recipe section.  It doesn’t get more delicious than Kale Salad with Eggs, Sweet Potato and Honey-Tahini Dressing and Warm White Bean and Kale salad in the Make-Ahead Healthy Lunches post. It’s easy meal prep, plus shows you exactly how to pack your lunch.

For Dinner: A bowl of Brussels Sprouts gets taken to the next level, thanks to hard-boiled eggs! Naturally, Ella’s Hard Boiled Egg and Brussels Sprout Bowl will be ready in less than 30 minutes and it can also be made-ahead. Pre-cooked hard-boiled eggs and your favorite grain and you’ll be ready to go.

And if you’re craving a snack…We shared on Instagram earlier, this easy and filling snack: Take half an avocado, smear your favorite hummus, then add a hard-boiled egg.

How do you eat hard-boiled eggs: do you keep it simple, or add a little egg-stra to other dishes?