Naturally dyed egg arrangement

Five Entertaining Hacks to Help Parents Celebrate Easter 2022

Nothing beats the joy of finding a beautifully decorated egg on Easter morning, enjoying brunch with loved ones, or savoring a colorful sweet treat as winter weather becomes spring sunshine. At the center of it all is one thing – eggs. In fact, Americans buy more than 3 billion eggs during the Easter season!

Easter 2022 is on track to be one of the biggest celebrations in recent years, so to help parents who are looking to create experiences their families will remember forever, America’s egg farmers partnered with Chef Stephen Durfee to share five hacks for Easter entertaining.

Chef Durfee is a James Beard Award Winner, “Outstanding Pastry Chef, 1998,” and Certified Executive Pastry Chef who most recently served as a professor of Baking and Pastry Arts at the Culinary Institute of America (CIA). Prior to his time at CIA, he was the Executive Pastry Chef at The French Laundry in Yountville, California, where he was named one of the Top Ten Pastry Chefs in America by Pastry Art & Design and Chocolatier magazines.

Here are the top five entertaining tips to make this Easter one for the record books:

Offering mini-versions of Easter favorites gives your guests the opportunity to enjoy more of the items they love. Classics like deviled eggs, mini quiches, mini cheesecakes and mini egg salad sandwiches all ensure you’re keeping the egg in Easter.

Bring a historic tradition from the South Lawn at the White House to your backyard. All you need are some decorated eggs, long spoons and children looking to have FUN! Don’t forget to hard-boil those eggs first to avoid any mess.

Meringues are as simple as they are sweet. With unique flavor combinations, fun whimsical colors and over-the-top formations, meringues are also the perfect interactive way to get kids interested in cooking. Chef Stephen shares these pro tips for the most magical meringue possible:

  • With the stress-free, three-step process, Chef Stephen Durfee “cracked” the code to make baking fun and flavorful: To ensure volume while beating, make sure your egg whites are room temperature before placing in the mixer
  • Whip your eggs at medium speed until they appear frothy and opaque, just like the foam that rushes onto a seashore
  • After your egg whites have reached the perfect frothy and opaque appearance, slowly and gently add granulated sugar to the egg whites so they do not get weighed down

Use ingredients in your kitchen to naturally decorate Easter eggs, which is both eco-friendly and a fun activity for the whole family! Use ingredients you already have like turmeric, red cabbage, shredded beets, blueberries and chopped spinach to get all the colors of the rainbow.  

From tres leches mini cakes and bunny ears-shaped cupcakes to macarons and the meringues you’ve made with the kids, the only way to end Easter celebrations is with a sweet treat.