Experience an Egg Farm Visit

According to the 2010 U.S. Census, more people live in urban areas than in rural America.  So for a lot of students, it’s nearly impossible to visit an actual working farm for a school field trip.  That is why Discovery Education will host a virtual field trip at Hertzfeld Poultry Farm on March 14th.

Teachers, skip the task of collecting permission slips and rounding up chaperones.  Discovery will take your students to a new place without having to leave the classroom. Plus, students can submit questions in real time for an egg farmer to answer

The virtual farm field trip is a great opportunity for students to see where their scrambled eggs come from, with a unique focus on sustainability.  The egg industry has embraced technology to use fewer natural resources to feed the country.  In fact, compared to 50 years ago, egg farmers today use 32% less water and half the amount of feed to produce a dozen eggs.  This segment will show students how technology has improved the egg’s journey from farm to table.

Make sure to register here, and we’ll see you in the classroom on the 14th!