Fun Easter Activities To Do At Home

Like much of the world right now, Easter will look different this year. And while we can’t join our friends or extended family for a traditional Easter egg hunt, we can still celebrate the holiday at home. And it’s the perfect time to connect and reflect on what makes life so special.

After all, happiness has always been a centerpiece of the Easter holiday and spring season. So in an effort to help families find happiness at home these days, we wanted to share some fun and creative ideas.

First, you can download our Easter egg printouts to color. This free coloring book follows the adventures of Eggy, Shelly and Friends for a day at the egg farm. Choose from a hidden word puzzle, egg decorating ideas, cutouts and a quiz to test your egg knowledge. So, gather the markers, crayons or colored pencils and a pair of scissors for this activity book.

America’s egg farmers also have “Eggucational Games,” including a memory game with downloadable and printable memory cards, available. This Egg Nutrition Memory Game version adds an extra layer of learning, explaining the nutritional benefits of eggs.

Of course, no Easter season would be complete without decorating some eggs. You can find more than a dozen ways to paint, tape, dye, glitter and display your Easter eggs. Try your hand at tie-dying eggs or experiment with paint pens and washi tape. Plus, as long as the eggs are decorated with food-safe materials and not out of the fridge for more than two hours, you can safely peel and chop those eggs up for egg salad.


Whatever activity you choose, we hope it’s fun and memorable. Even though it may look different than years past, here’s to a happy and healthy Easter!