Make a Change in 2016

It could be because of the holiday parties, or it could be because of the New Year, but people always seem to talk about diets in January.  We think you shouldn’t worry because there are plenty of simple ways to feel good about your health. Small, easy steps, like the following, can make a difference and help you along the path of living well.

Start the day with protein: You may think you don’t have time to cook eggs, but do you really have time to be hungry hours before lunch? That’s what can happen if you skip the most important meal of the day. Studies show eating high-quality protein like eggs reduces hunger and calorie consumption during lunch. Still concerned about time? Check out these recipes for a hot breakfast, filled with protein that can be made in five minutes or less.

Drink wisely: What pairs well with an egg breakfast, and gives you an extra boost of protein? Milk! There are plenty of easy egg recipes that add up to 25-30 grams of protein per serving with an 8 oz glass of milk on the side. Try one of our protein rich recipes   and pair it with milk to power up your morning.

Get organized: Think about it: organization can help you improve your eating habits as well. Spend a few minutes in the evening to pack your lunch or breakfast for the next day. You can even lay out your outfit so you can spend more time fueling for the day than wondering if your shirt matches your pants. Use free time over the weekend to boil a dozen eggs for a grab-and-go breakfast or snack on the weekdays, or whip up these muffin frittatas for the week ahead.

Resolutions do not have to be extreme. These are things you can do with minimal effort, helping you stay on the right track in 2016. What small changes have you made in 2016 that will add up to a big difference?