Virtual Field Trip to an Egg Farm

Looking back, the best days in school were either field trips or when your teacher wheeled a TV into the classroom. These days kids can enjoy both because the field trips can come to them. How? Through virtual field trips like the one Discovery Education offers where classes can be transported to an egg farm.

Next Thursday, classes can “visit” Creighton Brothers Farms and see how eggs go from the farm to our fridges. Students can watch as farmers show different parts of the farm like the hen house. If the kids have questions, they can submit it live for the farmer to answer. It’s just like being on the farm, without the hassle of getting enough chaperones. This field trip is designed for middle school students and focuses on sustainability. Teachers can get lesson plans and activities and take quizzes to learn more about the farming process.

Are you a teacher? Register your class here, and check out the Good Egg Education Station for challenges, lesson plans and more! There are activities for students K-8 on the site. We’ll see you October 15th at 1pm eastern.