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Need the latest egg nutrition information? Here you’ll find the latest Egg Nutrition Fact Panels for every egg size.

Kick off your kids’ day with a satiating breakfast at school. Eggs keep kids’ tummies feeling full, so they can focus on their schoolwork. #EatBetterLearnBetter

Not all breakfasts are created equal. One rich in protein, whole grains + healthy fats will give kids the energy they need to learn & stay active. Skip the drive-thru line and have your kids get a balanced, nutritious breakfast at school! #BetterBreakfast

Antioxidants lutein & zeaxanthin, found in eggs, help protect children’s eyes from harmful blue light emitted from monitors& screens. One of the reasons we #PutAnEggOnIt with salads and Asian bowls served at school lunch!

#FunFact: Nearly half an egg’s protein is in the yolk. So, encourage your kiddos to eat the whole egg for all the protein when at school and at home!

Did you know eggs are a convenient meat alternate for vegetarian diets? Today we’re serving Vegetarian General Tso Bowl for lunch to meet the needs of our students avoiding meat. #VegetarianKidsLunch

Did you know 90% of Americans don’t get enough choline—an important nutrient for brain health & cognition? Be sure your kids know choosing eggs at school breakfast and lunch helps them get this important nutrient. #EatBetterLearnBetter

We’re eggcited about our growing school breakfast program! Breakfast boosts brainpower in the classroom all day long, which is why we’re committed to serving eggs to students in our schools. #SchoolBreakfast

Kids learn better when they eat better, which is why we’re committed to serving school breakfast options that are rich in protein and feature eggs. #SchoolBreakfast

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