Fresh Shell Eggs

Five days are not enough to showcase the versatility of fresh shell eggs. Shell eggs are an all-natural ingredient for scratch cooking and local-focused school meal programs. Start your 5 Days / 5 Ways® initiative with basic scrambled or plain omelets then move on to more complex egg dishes with multiple ingredients, frittatas, quiches, baked eggs–and don’t forget hard-boiled. That’s just the beginning. Any of these dishes can be reinvented using different ingredients to deliver fresh menu offerings to your students. And that’s just from a savory perspective. Eggs have a sweet side too–French toast, waffles, pancakes…so many variations, but only five days in a week!


Here are 5 school-ready recipes to get you started:

  1. Open-face Egg & Croissant Sandwich

  2. Bacon & Spinach Quiche

  3. School Spirit Eggs

  4. Bird’s Nest

  5. Omelet Bar