• Per USDA/FSIS, store shell eggs and liquid eggs (eggs removed from their shell) at 40° F (4.4° C) or below, do not freeze.
  • Store shell eggs in their case.
  • Store away from foods with strong odors (such as fish, apples, cabbage or onions).
  • Rotate – First in/First out.


  • Always wash hands with soap and warm water.
  • Take out only as many eggs as needed for immediate use. Do not stack egg flats (trays) near the grill or stove.
  • Use only clean, uncracked eggs.
  • Eggs should not be washed before using; they are washed and sanitized before they are packed.
  • Use clean, sanitized utensils and equipment.
  • Never mix the shell with internal contents of the egg.
  • Do not reuse a container (blender, bowl, mixer) after it has had raw egg mixture in it. Clean and sanitize the container thoroughly before using again.
  • Never leave egg dishes at room temperature more than one hour (including preparation and service time).