The American Egg Board is committed to providing the food processing industry with the most recent and up-to-date information as it relates to consumer trends and scientific information used in the development of applications where eggs play a role. Much has been written on the unique and irreplaceable benefits of eggs in applications such as baked goods, sauces and dressings and prepared foods. We invite you to download our latest reports. 

White Papers

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The stress, anxiety and uncertainty of current times has more people reaching for comfort foods to alleviate these feelings and provide consolation along with a sense of well-being.

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Gen Z

Although most of Gen Z is still living at home and not yet of legal age, this ethnically diverse generation is already putting its mark on American eating habits.

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Americans of all ages believe indulgent baked goods can fit into an overall healthy diet. Find out how REAL eggs blend form, flavor and function in baked goods.

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Snacking Expectations

More than 90% of Americans snack multiple times a day, with some even eschewing regular meals altogether in favor of all-day snacking. As snacking replaces meals, people are no longer satisfied with empty calorie snacks.)

REAL Eggs Make a Real Difference

There is no one-to-one substitution that can replace the multiple functional and synergistic properties supplied by REAL egg ingredients. 

Yes, It Really Is Incredible – The Indisputably Potent Protein Eggs Supply

From villain to superhero in one bound? Sounds like a feat only a protein powerhouse could accomplish – and it has.

The Complex Challenge of Clean Label

Clean label products prove less can be more. However, clean label formulation can be anything but simple. 

Gluten-Free Solutions Begin with REAL Eggs

The right ingredients create delicious gluten-free foods with great texture, taste and appearance; are compliant with FDA regulations for this product category.

The Egg and Sustainability

‘The Egg and Sustainability’ white paper summarizes a 50-year landmark study of the environmental impact of the U.S. Egg Industry.

Additional Resources

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