Washed, sanitized, packed and shipped within hours of laying, superior U.S. egg quality and safety are maintained through refrigeration. U.S. shell eggs come in a variety of sizes, colors, grades, production methods, and packaging formats.


  • Nutrition powerhouse: All-natural, nutrient-rich source of high-quality protein. Satiating, low-calorie, familiar, well-liked food.
  • Versatile: Fit into any daypart. Eggs have 20+ functional characteristics from emulsification to binding, leavening and browning.
  • Consistent quality: Ensured via U.S. government oversight and monitoring.
  • Safety: Due to strict food safety regulations, U.S. egg production is governed by the following food safety regulations:
    • Egg Safety Rule (2010)
    • 1999 FSIS ruling – egg refrigeration and labeling rule
    • U.S. Dept. of Commerce 1990 Sanitary Food Transportation Act

Quality assurance measures:

  • Stringent USDA disease-prevention standards
  • USDA inspection & grading
  • Washing and sanitizing
  • Refrigeration across supply chain
  • Quality control from packing to delivery


Cover of US Egg Grades PDF

U.S. Egg Grades (PDF)

Cover of US Egg Grades PDF

U.S. Egg Sizes (PDF)

Cover of US Egg Grades PDF

U.S. Egg Types (PDF)

Cover of U.S. Shell Eggs PDF

U.S. Shell Eggs (PDF)

Cover of White and Brown eggs PDF

Did You Know? White and Brown Eggs Have the Same Nutrients (PDF)

Cover of refrigeration PDF

Did You Know? Refrigeration Matters (PDF)