It’s a new kind of center for innovation—a catalyst that sparks ideas through insights and collaborative partnerships. The Lab’s unprecedented network of capabilities, research insights, resources and expertise deliver innovative egg-based solutions through novel products and technologies.

The Eggcelerator Lab will put more eggs in front of more people in new ways to create untapped value for our clients and delight consumers.

We’re your partner for accelerating innovation. Together there’s no problem we can’t crack.

Let’s Make Ideas Happen

Our Expertise

The food industry is fueled by innovation. Creating what’s next can be costly, time-intensive, and risky—even for leading food brands. Navigating the complex path from blue-sky thinking to product launch requires major resources, expertise, and insights. That’s where we come in.

The American Egg Board’s Eggcelerator Lab™ helps industry partners stay one step ahead of consumers’ evolving desires.

Eggs aren’t just popular, they’re a staple in more than 90% of American households, and an indispensable building-block ingredient in an endless array of food and beverage applications. When it comes to working with them in product development, AEB brings unparalleled insights and proven innovation methodologies to the table, along with unmatched technical, functional, culinary, and nutrition expertise.

Working with us de-risks innovation and improves your chances of success. We can help with every step of the journey, from initial whitespace discovery and concept ideation through development and commercialization with a customizable approach that combines egg expertise, proprietary assets and access to industry relationships.

True innovation isn’t about creating one-off ideas or “magic prototypes” that can’t be replicated at scale. That’s why the Eggcelerator Lab helps you envision transformative products, technologies, and solutions, AND fully realize them. We do it in pioneering ways that are designed specifically to address the unique challenges faced by today’s food industry.

Who we Work With

The Eggcelerator Lab helps a broad range of organizations to envision transformative products, technologies, and solutions that benefit from using the incredible egg:

  • Consumer packaged goods
  • Restaurant chains
  • Convenience stores
  • Retailers
  • Manufacturers
  • Ingredient suppliers
  • Start-ups
  • Academia
  • Innovation incubators
Scallion and Cheese Korean Pancake Bread
Scallion and Cheese Korean Pancake Bread
Lemon Egg Hummus
Lemon Egg Hummus
Denver Omelette Bao Bites
Denver Omelette Bao Bites

Our Approach

Our pioneering approach to innovation is grounded in research and is changing the paradigm for the food industry.

It begins with Research
Consumer insights and industry research ground the innovation process by informing clients about the consumer, market and food trend landscape – guiding every client’s unique food development journey. Research also drives internal AEB innovation initiatives further unlocking the future of eggs.

O.V.V.O.™ Innovation is our Secret Sauce
O.V.V.O. Innovation is how we turn challenges into success stores.

The O.V.V.O.™ Innovation Process chart

O.V.V.O.™ Innovation Process. Our customizable four-phase innovation process allows us to stand ready to help with every phase of the journey.

O.V.V.O.™ Concept Library. Features more than 250 new egg-based product recipes and ideas backed by research and technical feasibility assessments. The library is a jumping off point for ideation and helps accelerate innovation.

Our Network Fuels Egg Innovation
The Eggcelerator Lab’s unparalleled network of industry partners – manufacturers, suppliers, university researchers, and subject matter experts – are key to driving innovation projects from ideation to market. We are supplier- and partner-agnostic and will assemble the right team for your innovation.

The Lab’s strategic partner, CuliNEX, a clean-label food innovation company, brings expertise in food science and culinary arts to develop on-trend culinary egg-based concepts for Eggcelerator Lab clients.

No one is doing a program anything like the American Egg Board is doing for their farmer members

Mark Crowell, CEO of CuliNEX

We had a single objective – to develop a breakfast sandwich for a major national retail chain. Rather than having a narrow focus from the start, the American Egg Board’s Eggcelerator Lab team pushed us to look holistically at the entire breakfast category – hot savory sandwiches, wraps, upscale sandwiches, etc. This approach was hugely beneficial and ultimately validated our focus. The Eggcelerator Lab’s comprehensive process proved effective and efficient from a supplier standpoint.

Andy Johnson, Vice President Foodservice Sales & Marketing, West Liberty Foods