Accept no substitutes!

Over the past few years there’s been a great deal of discussion, research and application work done to replace eggs with various products. And while any number of companies are working hard to develop a product that can compete head on with this most versatile of ingredients – the fact of the matter is – when eggs are added, it simply appears on the ingredient statement as eggs. On the other hand, adding replacers increases the complexity of your ingredient statement.

Eggs remain one of nature’s most perfect foods – and used as a functional ingredient, they improve other foods as well! In addition to contributing more than 20 functional properties, eggs possess unique functionalities and attributes unequaled by any single egg alternative.

Research supports findings that eggs require more than a simple 1:1 substitution with an egg alternative to acquire similar ingredient functionality in many prepared foods.1 It takes more than one ingredient to replace the multiple functionalities of eggs, running the risk of increasing costs, while losing the eggs’ natural appeal.

Egg products are a valuable tool in meeting diverse formulations requirements while providing the clean labels consumers crave.

It’s simple – adding eggs adds value!

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