World Egg Day 2018 focuses on eggs as a sustainable source of high-quality protein—A Protein For LIfe

CHICAGO (October 11, 2018)  —  The American Egg Board (AEB) is highlighting the U.S. egg industry’s commitment to sustainable nutrition on World Egg Day, October 12, under the global campaign theme “Protein for Life.”

“Protein for Life” refers to the quality of nutrition that eggs provide and the continuous improvement made by egg farmers to reduce the impact of egg production on the environment and resources like land and water.

“America’s egg farmers take their dual responsibilities of providing nutritious food and stewardship of the land extremely seriously,” said AEB President & CEO Anne L. Alonzo. “On World Egg Day 2018, we’re celebrating ‘Protein for Life’ with the International Egg Commission by educating people on how eggs are a source of sustainable nutrition that can help fight world hunger.”

“The concept of sustainable nutrition remains a focus of the egg industry — both in the U.S. and internationally. Eggs are nutrient-rich, affordable and culturally acceptable with one of the lowest environmental impacts, making them an ideal food source for the growing world population,” added Alonzo.

“Studies have shown that providing just one egg a day to children in nutritionally vulnerable populations can dramatically improve health outcomes,” noted Dr. Mickey Rubin, Executive Director of the AEB’s Egg Nutrition Center, which funds independently conducted nutritional research at major universities.

“As a nutrition source for growing children, the egg is pretty incredible,” added Dr. Rubin. “One large egg has 13 essential vitamins and minerals and six grams of high-quality protein at approximately 17 cents per egg, which makes them highly affordable.”

The AEB has created a World Egg Day landing page on its website dedicated to providing information about the nutritional sustainability of eggs.

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