The Memory Game is a fun game that most students already know how to play. And if not, it’s easy to learn. This Egg Nutrition Memory Game version adds an extra layer of learning, explaining the nutritional benefits of eggs.

Build a Deck

To build your own deck of Egg Nutrition Memory Cards, download the design files (.jpg) and send to a professional printer or download the attached 8.5 x 11″ file (.pdf) and print two copies on your own printer using Avery postcards #3380.

Please note: The cards are double-sided, and for a single deck, you will need to print two copies of each of the seven game cards.

memory cards

Download Design Files

Memory Game Instructions

First, ask students to raise their hand if they’ve ever played a memory card game before.

Ask one of the students ‘in the know’ to explain to the rest of the class how to play.

If no one knows how to play, tell them it’s a matching game wherein all the cards are shuffled and then laid face down, side by side. Each person takes a turn to try and match until all the cards are matched. The one with the most matches at the end wins.

Then explain:

The cards in this memory game will explain to you why eggs are nutritious. As you play, make sure to read the cards, so you’ll be ready to tell us why eggs can be good for us and our bodies.

Once you’ve made all the matches, you can play again, if there’s still time.

In 10 minutes, we’ll stop playing to see what you learned about eggs from reading the cards.

Ask: Can anyone tell me something they learned about Eggs?

Keep your tummy full longer

Ask: And what did you learn about breakfast?

Gives you energy
Helps you learn better