CHICAGO (April 30, 2020) — Egg products proved their versatility once again in new product introductions for 2019, as the number of products using eggs witnessed an upswing of 3.3% compared to the prior year, according to the Innova database. Egg ingredients appeared in close to 3,400 new products in 2019, in a wide variety of product categories, with bakery items the classic standout. Each year the baking industry — from large commercial operations to small, independent stores — relies on egg ingredients for a variety of the 20-plus functional benefits eggs supply, such as aeration, emulsification and binding.

From delicate confections to hearty prepared meals, eggs helped foods fit a key consumer need: convenience. Among the many claims manufacturers can put on their packages, “convenient” was listed on nearly 3,000 of the new products introduced that used eggs as an ingredient. And speaking of ingredient lists, eggs also help maintain a clean label, characterized by consumer-friendly ingredients, which are natural, can be organic, non-GMO, and definitely, minimally processed.

Some of the more fascinating products that relied on eggs this past year:

  • Lesserevil Grain Free Egg White Curls in a variety of different flavors offer a paleo and grain-free version of the classic cheese puff plus six grams of protein.
  • Epic Performance Bars come in a variety of flavors, rely on egg whites and offer a short, simple label. The apple cinnamon variety, for example, is a mix of egg white, almonds, dates, apples and cinnamon. These also can claim gluten-free status, paleo-friendly, non-GMO project verified and 12 grams of protein.
  • Honey Stinger Waffles offer simple waffle-shaped confections designed to lend an energy boost supplied by a shortlist of natural ingredients.
  • Garden Lites Veggies Made Great cakes in different flavors offer a savory snack or side dish blending a variety of vegetables with eggs to help lend shape and structure, each containing under 100 calories.
  • RXBAR Oatmeal cups are flavored with chocolate, maple or apple cinnamon. The company uniquely added egg white to the oatmeal, along with almonds and a date, for 12 grams of protein and six grams of fiber, with the cups easy to prepare and consume on the go.

Overall the top categories within new product introductions that included eggs on the ingredient statement were led by baked goods (1,178), then ready meals (477). Pet foods came in third (388), followed by desserts & ice cream (320), sauces & seasonings (268), confections (159), and then snacks (111).

Late last year, the AEB identified standout snacks that featured egg prominently as a main ingredient, or even as the star, in the case of Peckish. For more information about high-protein breakfasts, snacks featuring hard-boiled eggs, or even chips made from egg whites, click here.

“Each year we see an abundance of baked goods and this year was no different,” said Elisa Maloberti, director of egg product marketing, American Egg Board. “Flavors ranged from the more delicate, such as green tea or almond to bold fruit ones. The ready meals segment definitely caters to the consumer trend toward flexitarian dining, featuring vegetable-based main meals with eggs as a companion protein.

“And it’s been exciting to witness the variety of snack foods taking advantage of egg products and the excellent reputation they enjoy with consumers. We are looking forward to the new crop of innovative products 2020 will bring,” she said.

While considering package callouts, interested companies may want to include the new Made with REAL Eggs® certification seals introduced by the American Egg Board for packaged foods. Program participation is free and companies register their products on an annual basis. This certification program offers the perfect opportunity for food manufacturers to communicate that their product contains genuine eggs, signaling a commitment to taste and quality. The Made with REAL Eggs® certification seal can provide a familiar point of reference as consumers scan shelves looking for clean and simple labels that rely on familiar ingredients. Find out more about the Made with REAL Eggs® certification seal at